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By January 22, 2021No Comments

THE MYTH: Bleach kills mold!

THE ANSWER: THIS IS FALSE! Bleach does not kill mold. Mold is a complex issue that can be a major structural and/or health problem for a homeowner. Mold is a spore that does not just live on a surface, on porous surfaces such as drywall and upholstered furniture has membrane-like spores that lives underneath the surface area mold-like discoloration you can see with your naked eye. This is why calling a licensed mold remediator when you see a mold issue in your home is the preferred and safest way to correctly eradicate the mold issue. You may see some surface discoloration and assume the issue is small when the real issue is hidden beneath the drywall and cannot be correctly remediated without a licensed mold remediator performing the work. Cleaning mold with bleach can make the issue worse. Most household bleach contains only 2-4% chlorine, mold can neutralize the chlorine in bleach and use the remaining water in bleach to grow faster and exacerbate the problem. The EPA does not recommend using bleach to kill mold.

If you have a mold problem in your household more than likely you have Googled how to get rid of mold. Does bleach kill mold? What kills mold? These are questions we will be going over in this article. Mold in your household is one of those problems as a homeowner that is a dreaded four-letter word. It is not only a potential structural problem, but mold has the potential to risk your family’s health from mild to extreme cases. Read on to find out the truth about how to effectively kill mold in your household. When trying to tackle a serious issue like mold in your home, it is very important to be careful not to disturb mold and release spores into the air, causing a larger issue to occur and spread. It is strongly recommended to not try to remediate a mold issue in your home on your own. Mold issues should be safely remediated by a licensed mold remediator. If you have any questions regarding mold in your household the experts at QCI Mold & Water Damage are here to help you remediate the problem and prevent any long-term damage to your homes structure and family’s health. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION AT 800-984-3573.