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QCI, Construction, Fire, Water & Mold Experts

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

QCI has been involved as an expert witness, offering expert testimony, for more than fifteen years. Its prowess extends beyond construction expertise to encompass remarkable communication skills and a credible approach. QCI can translate intricate technical findings into easily comprehensible language that resonates with both judges and juries. The company has provided expert testimony in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and trial court proceedings. QCI arrives at its conclusions after meticulous and sound consideration of past, present, and forthcoming pending and/or proposed changes.

Expert Services

Stephen J. Delgado, Expert Services

Introducing Stephen Delgado, Manager at QCI. He collaborates with construction attorneys to complement their legal expertise. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in commercial and residential property development and construction, water/fire/weather damage emergency services and restoration, mold remediation, indoor air quality, property valuations, and large loss insurance claims, his insights prove invaluable.

  • Document Review and Assessment
  • Pre-Trial Preparation of Reports and Exhibits
  • Expert Witness Testimony at Depositions and Trial Court Proceedings
  • Assist Counsel in Settlement Proceedings
  • Claims Review
  • Site Visits
  • Conclusions and Recommendations of Costs Presented in Claims
  • Assess and Develop Critical Path Method Schedules

Our team's proficiency in construction administration, billing analysis, design, insurance, large loss claims, construction cost assessment, construction defect identification, and resolution of construction contract disputes offers substantial value to your clients. Notably, even seemingly minor details can play a crucial role in resolving significant disputes. We excel at promptly delivering clear, concise analytical opinions. Our familiarity with the rules surrounding attorney-client work product ensures confidentiality. Our involvement spans diverse areas such as commercial and residential construction, mold remediation, fire/water/weather damage emergency services and restoration, remodeling, and building inspections. Our reputation for expertise, integrity, and effective communication has positioned us to contribute effectively in resolving intricate billing disputes, contractual conflicts, and property damage insurance matters. If you're tired of dealing with experts who delay providing meaningful feedback once retained, we understand and prioritize your client's time and budget constraints.