Mold Remediation QCI now offers CHEMICAL-FREE Mold Remediation

QCI now offers CHEMICAL-FREE Mold Remediation using green technology hydroxyl generators to kill indoor mold and mold spores. In addition to safety and effectiveness, this new technology has other important benefits. The hydroxyl molecule not only kills mold on surfaces and in the air, but also kills bacteria and viruses, and eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), chemical fumes, gases, vapors, and any unpleasant odors. Building structure and contents can be decontaminated simultaneously as hydroxyl radicals surround and permeate furniture and other porous items. Since there are no chemicals and residue, hydroxyl radical generators are ideal for the environment and for chemically sensitive individuals.

Hydroxyl radicals are well known as a sanitizing agent, second only to fluorine in sanitizing strength

Leeds University, in Great Britain, embarked on a program in the early 1970s’ to find what hydroxyl radicals do. A University study found that the activity of atmospheric hydroxyls was responsible for neutralizing some 2500 atmospheric chemicals by way of some 7000 reactions. For this reason, hydroxyl radicals found in the atmosphere have been called “nature’s detergent” or “Mother Nature’s broom”. Hydroxyl radicals also attack the porous cell walls of bacteria and viruses which destroys them through the process known as cell lysing. Human, animal, and plant cells are “designed” to be in the sunlight and have cell walls that are less porous and are not harmed by atmospheric hydroxyl radicals.

Chemical Free Mold Remediation

The challenge was to produce or generate sufficient quantities of “atmospheric” hydroxyl radicals so they could be applied to solve a range of issues. A process was eventually developed and commercialized to synthetically produced hydroxyl radicals. The process proved successful and therefore American and Canadian patents were filed. Though only recently available in the United States, this technology has been successful in mold remediation projects across the country.